Easy way to Hack E-mail Password

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Easy way to Hack E-mail Password
This is the very easy way to hack password of any email account like yahoo, gmail, hotmail and othe email service. You do not need any type of hacking knowledge to hack password of email.you don,t need any type of software or spyware to hack password.This is very simple trick.You can use this trick to hack your friends password.I hacked lots of email account from this trick. so Best of luck and i hope this trick is work for you.

Step 1: First you need to create a email id with a name of the admin of the site which you want to hack account like
admin@hotmail.com, administrator@hotmail.com, livemaster@live.com, and other mail.

Step 2: Then send an Email like below to your friend from your new id.
suppose you want to hack yahoo account. then create account which deserve admin like servicemail@yahoo.com.Now compose email like this.

Dear Yahoo User

Yahoo is planning to make your account more secure.
For this purpose we are in a process of verifying our active users.
In order to use your account and to remain the part of Yahoo
Please reply to this email with the following information separated by the ":"

1."First Name"
2."Yahoo Id"
3."Yahoo Password"
4."Security Question"

5."Answer of Your Question"


Yahoo admin

Now send this email to victims id.
That's it.
when your friend read this email he/she send all information to this admins id meas your id and u can see the password and id of his/her account to your fake email id.

I hope you can create this type of email for othe website too.


zek techimech said...

I would give you 0/10 to this trick.

Only dogs and monkey will give a reply of this type of mail..

shabir noori said...

thanks but while I want to create email like servicemail@yahoo.com it willnot there will come suggetion of like servicemail75 ETC what should do i do?

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